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160 Study Guide copy - Reading Study Guide Week 1 B:1-1 Yes...

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Reading Study Guide Week 1 B:1-1, Yes, Wonderful Things! (Rathje) 1. Discuss three reasons why, according the Rathje, the study of garbage is important. 2. Was Rathje the first person to study garbage? Explain. Week 2 B-1-2, The Wet Frontier: Underwater Archaeology 1. Describe three different sites of underwater archaeology. Where are they, what methods of research were used, and what did archaeologists learn about the people who created the site? Week 3 Feder - Chapter 1 3. What are the six basic motives for archaeological fraud? 4. Should professional archaeologists take some responsibility for these frauds? Feder - Chapter 2 5. Define epistemology. 6. What are the four underlying principles of science? 7. What are the four basic steps of the scientific method? Feder - Chapter 3 8. Discuss multiple motives for the Cardiff Giant fiasco. Why were various individuals or groups so eager to accept the giant as fact? Week 4 Feder - Chapter 4 9. Who was Piltdown Man? 10. How was the hoax discovered? Feder - Chapter 9 11. Explain why it is important to understand the sociocultural context of artifacts. Give one example. 12. How was the "Amorous Astronaut Hypothesis" shaped by von Daniken's own culture? 13. Why does Feder say that von Daniken is ethnocentric?
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160 Study Guide copy - Reading Study Guide Week 1 B:1-1 Yes...

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