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Transdisciplinary Collaboration Project Selected Bibliography Phyllis M. Connolly, Jody Hironka-Juteau, Anne MacRae & Jean M. Novak Aguilera, D. C. (1998). Crisis intervention: Theory and methodology. (8th ed.). St. Louis: Mosby-Year Book. Alt-White, A.C., Charns, M., and Strayer, R. (1983). Personal, organizational and managerial factors related to nurse-physician collaboration. Nursing Administration Quarterly , 8, 8-18. American Nurses Association (1995). Nursing’s social policy statement. Washington, DC: Author. American Nurses Association. (1994). A statement on psychiatric–mental health clinical nursing practice and standards of psychiatric–mental health clinical nursing practice. Washington, DC: Author. American Psychiatric Association. (1994). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders . (4th ed.) Washington, DC: Author. American Therapeutic Recreation Association. (n.d.) Therapeutic recreation services (Brochure). Hattiesburg, MS: American Therapeutic Recreation Association. Anchor, K. (Ed.) (1996). Disability analysis handbook: Tools for independent practice. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing. Austin, A. & Baldwin, R. (1991). Faculty collaboration: Enhancing the quality of scholarship and teaching. ASHE-ERIC, Higher Education Report No. 7, Washington, DC: The George Washington University, School of Education and Human Development. Backer, T., & Connolly, P. (1993). Third Annual Report of the CAMI 1278 Task Force on Families and Mental Illness, June, 1993 , (Contract #92-72259) Sacramento, CA: CAMI. Baggs, J.G. (1989). Intensive care unit use and collaboration between nurses and physicians. Heart and Lung , 18, 332-338. Baggs, J.G. and Ryan, S.A. (1990) ICU nurse-physician collaboration & nursing satisfaction. Nursing Economics , 8, 386-392. Baggs, J.G. and Ryan, S.A., Phelps, C.E., Richeson, F., and Johnson, J.E. (1992) The association between interdisciplinary collaboration and patient outcomes in a medical intensive care unit. Heart and Lung , 21, 18-24.
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2 Bernheim, K. (1990). Promoting family involvement in community residences for chronic mentally ill persons. Hospital and Community Psychiatry , 4, 668-670. Bondurant, A. (1994). State-University collaboration awards. Hospital and Community Psychiatry , 45, 1137-1138. Brekke, J.S., Long, J.D., Nesbitt, N., & Sobel, E. (1997). The impact of service characteristics on functional outcomes from community support programs for persons with schizophrenia: A growth curve analysis. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology , 65, 464-475. Brooker, C. G. D. (1985). A study to compare two models of community psychiatric nursing care delivery. Journal of Advanced Nursing , 10, 217-223. Brooker, C., & Simmons, S.M. (1990).
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bib_collaboration - Transdisciplinary Collaboration Project...

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