WRITING ASSIGNMENT #2 - COMM 100W SEC 16 Brohne Lawhorne...

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COMM 100W - SEC 16 Brohne Lawhorne 10/29/08 WRITING ASSIGNMENT #2 Grandparents must learn to use technology in-order to increase communication with their grandchildren and develop stronger relationships. This is accomplished by utilizing technologies such as Internet instant messaging, e-mail, and social networking sites. As technology continues to develop, so does the gap between grandparent-grandchildren communication. The cause of this; is the lack of common language and interests between the two generations. Engaging in communication through computers can help grandparents bridge the gap and develop stronger relationships with their grandchildren due to increased interactions. Because interactions involve communication, the relationships between grandparents and grandchildren will grow stronger. This essay will provide a quick overview of grandparent-grandchildren relations using computers and will argue the potential usefulness of the benefits that can be obtained from increased computer interactions. It will also analyze computer-mediated communication assumptions, limitations, and misconceptions. This essay will than prove how communicating through computers is relevant to the development of grandparent- grandchildren’s relationships. The different generational developments between grandparents and their grandchildren provide a quick overview of the situation. Grandparents, or adults communicate using more analog methods such as the telephone, through postal services, and face-to-face conversation. However, more and more adults are realizing the benefits of embracing technology to communicate with those important in their lives. According to Harwood (2004), “older adults' primary motivations in going on-line is the maintenance of personal relationships – particularly with children and grandchildren.” By adopting
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these new technological methods of communication – one can easily communicate with those across the country or the world. For families, this is an invaluable tool because it allows families to keep up with one another without the expensive of long distance phone calls or the delay of using postal
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WRITING ASSIGNMENT #2 - COMM 100W SEC 16 Brohne Lawhorne...

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