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ANTH143 Case Study 4 Case 4 Yurok on the Klamath Apply your knowledge of water issues, the video about the Yoruk-Hoopa dispute, and problems concerning fishing rights/water rights on the Klamath River to answer the following multi-part question. You may want to go on-line to learn of any recent developments affecting this case. Write your response as an essay that incorporates each component of the question. Identify three critical issues confronting the Yurok on the Klamath reservation. From your perspective as an anthropologist, what must the Yurok do in order to
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Unformatted text preview: assert their rights, yet not compromise their culture? Can they maintain their traditional socio-political structure or will they have to conform with demands by US Government officials that they adapt/conform to new system of governance compatible with Federal format? In your opinion, will accepting such requirements erode their culture or will it enable it to be strengthened? What compromise might be possible? Due Tuesday, May 4...
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