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Problem 7 (Due Apr. 19) a) A random (AG) copolymer was synthesized with polynucleotide phosphorylase using a mixture of five parts ADP to one part GDP as substrate. If a cell-free protein synthesizing system translates this random copolymer, what amino acids will be incorporated into the nascent polypeptide and what will be the relative abundance of these amino acids in the final product? b) The following represents a part of the nucleotide sequence of the middle portion of a strand
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Unformatted text preview: of cloned cDNA generated from the mRNA coding for a particular protein: ….CAATACGAAGCAATCCCGCGACTAGACCTTAAC… What conclusion can be reached about the partial amino acid sequence encoded by this portion of the cDNA? (Hint: Cloning involves creating a duplex from the cDNA, inserting it into a cloning vehicle (e.g. a plasmid), amplifying the vehicle, isolating the DNA so produced, and excising the (now amplified) duplex cDNA.)...
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