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Research assignment spring 2010

Research assignment spring 2010 - Composition 1B Spring...

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Composition 1B Spring 2010 Research Assignment Overview: Now that you have had a brief introduction to some contemporary global issues, it is time for you to choose a topic that particularly interests you and learn more about it through research. First Step: Look over the list of topics and spend some time on the Web finding out more about any that seem intriguing. Make sure you choose a topic that genuinely interests you , as you will have to spend a fair amount of time with it. Write a topic proposal for me that includes the following: Topic and focus : Narrow it down to an issue that can be usefully dealt with in 3-4 pages (e.g. not just “Fair Trade” but “Buying fair trade coffee: what are the effects on the coffee-growing community?” or “Fair trade clothing: is it feasible for the typical SJSU student to buy fair trade clothing?” Thesis : Make an arguable claim--with reasons--that you believe (even tentatively) you can support with your research. Audience : Decide which particular audience you want to address, e.g. college
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