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Oral Presentation Tips and Evaluation Criteria ScWk 212: HBSE Student Presentations Compiled by Laurie Drabble and Joe Merighi Specific Tips Pick a topic that you enjoy. Your presentation should be relevant to the topic(s) for the class session. DO NOT provide a review of the course reading(s) for the week. The presentation should include application (not just review) of theory. Address three required elements in your presentation: 1) topic/case, 2) theoretical frameworks that apply to your topic/case and 3) implications for social work practice (e.g., current trends, relevance to different social work settings, analysis or critique of theory/topic, etc.). You may discuss a topic/case and apply a theory OR select a theory and provide an illustration…just be sure to cover the three points outlined above. You must confirm your final topic with the instructor at least one week in advance. Any changes to your presentation date must be confirmed at least one week in advance.
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