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Presentation Preparation 1) How to present with PP a) Don’t overload the presentation – i) It’s natural, you spend so much time on it you really want to communicate everything to show how much work you really did ii) Truth is though that people get lost when you do this. b) Keep the word count down i) No sentences, ii) Use bullet points, iii) Shorter versions of the sentences c) Use images/ graphics/ diagrams instead of words i) Research has shown that people learn more from visual versus verbal ii) Whenever you can use a graphic instead of writing things down… d) 10 slides are better than 20 i) If you only have 10 minutes only use 8 or less slides e) Know your audience i) Focus on things that the audience wants to hear ii) If you are talking to a room full of elderly people you would talk to them differently than a room full of college students. f) Vary the format i) Have slides with text and slides with graphics ii) Vary your voice – speak quietly and loudly when appropriate
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NotesOnHowToGiveAPowerPointPResentation - Presentation...

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