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Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering ME-106: Mechatronics Laboratory Report On “Photoresister Laboratory” Date Submitted: 10/7/ 2008 Submitted to Nicole Sampson Photoresister, Transister and LED’s 10/7/08 Report Author: Lab Date: 10/1/08 Summary This report demonstrates how to use CdS photoresister, red LED’s, FET’s and 2N3904,NPN transistor as power switching devices with the assistance of the ATmega 128, STK500 & STK501, to measure the change of resistance of a sensor using with a 1
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light-controlled switch, photoresister. This experiment also describes the circuit constructed with a light-controlled switch. ________________________________ Results/Discussion Describe what you did in the lab and what your results were. Include enough figures, tables, and/or description of what you did, so that someone who is unfamiliar with the lab could repeat what you did. (Note the figure caption below. All figures must be numbered, have a title, and have a descriptive sentence or two explaining the significance of the figure. See the ME 120 report writing guide for more information about figures and tables.) This section must answer the questions, “What happened? Do the results agree with what I expected? Why or why not?” Also answer any questions posed in the instructions for the experiment. Try to work the answers into
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REPEAT - San Jos State University 1 Department of...

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