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Aubrey Clair Management 460: Teachable Point of View Chapter 1 #1: Making Personal Improvement Making a personal improvement for many is the hardest task that they can be asked to undertake. Many that need to make a personal improvement don’t believe that they can or that it isn’t worth the time and effort. However if something does come up in an evaluation it is best not to be defensive or assume that if you needed improvement that you would have noticed. People do not realize their weaker areas in need of improvement most of the time. That is the whole point behind performance evaluations, to build people’s self awareness. When receiving feedback from an evaluation it is important to take the advice and criticism whole-heartedly. Also realize that the criticism is good, it gives you a chance to better yourself and become more likely to receive a promotion. Time management skills are often an area that comes up in evaluations for people as something to become better at managing. The need for effective time management is present in many areas of interest when it comes to managing people. Managing one’s self to achieve personal effectiveness is the beginning of being able to manage others well. Whether it comes to anything from setting a good example by always being on
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460POVpaper1 - Aubrey Clair Management 460 Teachable Point...

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