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ATTENTION FACTORS For the Informative Speech, choose 2 of the following and LABEL in your outline when you plan to use it in your speech. See packet for sample outlines. A common misconception is that once you have grabbed your listener’s attention with a snappy introduction, that attention is yours until you relinquish it at the end of a speech. Unfortunately, it takes more than a clever opening to keep an audience listening. People are easily distracted. Unless, re-engaged, their minds may wander off every half-minute or so. When composing a speech, take every opportunity to weave in materials and to phrase statements characterized by the factors that have been identified as most likely to gain attention: 1. Activity or movement : appropriate physical mobility of the speaker and a lively treatment of the content that creates a feeling of something happening. 2. Reality: reference to actual people, events, places, being specific and concrete
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Unformatted text preview: rather than abstract. 3. Proximity : drawing on what is close at hand, people in the room, current events, local reference. 4. Familiarity : the use of recognized examples, well-known phrases, common place events. 5. Novelty : the opposite of the familiar, startling facts, odd turns of phrase, surprising images, unusual combination. 6. Suspense: creating curiosity about what will happen next; posing puzzles or provocative questions. 7. Conflict: setting up pros and cons, opposing viewpoints, competing schools of thought. 8. Humor : playful remarks, silly or exaggerated images, amusing plays on words, ironic twists of fate, entertaining stories. 9. The Vital: reference to something that is important to listeners; at its most intense this would be on matters of survival, but to a lesser degree, also anything that saves them on time, earns them money, makes their life more pleasant....
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