SJSU Hist 189A Syllabus Spring 2010

SJSU Hist 189A Syllabus Spring 2010 - HISTORY 189A Early...

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HISTORY 189A Early California History Through the 1880s Spring 2010 Dr. Margo McBane Class: T/H 3-4:15 pm, DMH 163 Office: Dudley Moorehead Hall Rm 218 Office Hours: Thurs 4:30-5:30 pm Phone: 408-924-5530 Email: COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will combine lectures, readings, viewings (WEB sites, slides and film), and discussions in order to examine the economic, social and political history of California prior to 1890. It will pay particular attention to the important role that people of all colors and women have played in shaping California history. As California historians from Carey McWilliams to present day historians have shown, people of all colors and women have played as crucial a role in shaping the course of California history as in any other state. This course will also examine the political history of California and its institutions including how California political institutions were influenced by crucial social and economic developments. It will examine how, at certain junctures, political developments presented a challenge and/or affirmation of the California constitution as well as the federal constitution. How was public opinion and voting behavior shaped by periods of social and political turbulence, and how can these periods of social and political turbulence be accounted for? How, for example, were issues of racial tension and discrimination manifested? To what extent and by what political means and solutions were these racial tension mitigated by social and political reforms? LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1. To expose students to alternative interpretations of the historical events and political processes that have shaped the social, economic and political system in which they live in California. 2. To provide a multicultural framework of the choices and options available to individuals and groups in their social, economic, and political relations. 3. To have students consider the principal events, developments, ideas and politics in the development of California as a region and as a state up to 1890. 4. To analyze certain themes impacting California history. 5. To explore how political decisions are made, their consequences for individuals and society, and how individuals and groups may affect the decision-making process. 6. To examine the evolution of the philosophies of the U.S. Constitution and the California Constitution and its impact on 19 th century California life. 1
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7. To study the operations of California’s government, and the impact on California demographic changes on the history and politics of the state and nation. 8. To understand the links between Californians’ and their government, including participation and voting, political parties, interest groups, public opinion and socialization. 9.
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SJSU Hist 189A Syllabus Spring 2010 - HISTORY 189A Early...

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