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Writing “Quotes and Questions” for each week’s readings H170, February 2, 2010 Each week you will submit one “Quotes and Questions” (Q&Q) page. Collectively, these Q&Qs will prove invaluable as you write your interpretive and reflective essays, and also as you review for the midterm and final exams. You will submit a total of ten Q&Qs during the semester. Do not submit more than one single- sided page. Papers may be single-spaced . I will not accept handwritten Q&Qs. Each Q&Q page should include the following: Five quotes from the primary and/or secondary source readings. These quotes can be thought-provoking, disturbing, or confusing. Include the name of the writer, the date, and the
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Unformatted text preview: page number (use the page # superimposed on each page by Maple Press) in parentheses after the quote. Four questions that merit discussion based on the readings. Ideally, some of the questions should relate to the quotes. Each week, I encourage you to also draw connections to earlier readings. Note : I will not accept Q&Qs via email and I will not accept late Q&Qs. You must submit these to me before you leave each class session. You will either get full or no credit for this weekly assignment. In general, I will not put any comments on the paper. If you’d like to further discuss a specific question, please come and see me....
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