history as a writer #1 - COMM 100W K Williams 2/2/08 My...

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COMM 100W K Williams 2/2/08 My History as a Writer One thing I found out when I first began attending San Jose State University was that writing was going to be a big part of my college education. Even before being admitted to the school and my classes, I was required to take English proficiency tests to see which level of English I would be placed. The tests included written essay questions, and since then, all of my classes have had made me reach to a certain level of writing. Some classes more than others, but writing will never be disregarded. My classes at SJSU have given me a plenty of workloads. I am proud of all of the work I presented, and that is why I have experienced such a positive experience at the university. I consider myself to be a writer because I have taken the time to read, learn and apply the fundamentals of writing. I enjoy writing and capturing my personal thoughts on paper, so I can reflect on again. For the purpose of the assignment, I would like my history as a writer to date back to the time I entered SJSU. I have been learning the writing process from numerous sources that I feel like I have a strong understanding. Next, I have been able to depict several techniques in my personal writing styles. Lastly, I understand that writing is part of my foundation in life and that I will continue to strive for excellence. When I first entered SJSU, as a freshman in the Fall of 2005, all of my classes
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history as a writer #1 - COMM 100W K Williams 2/2/08 My...

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