mini 2 - Dr. Simmons Comm 101 3-23-09 Mini-Project...

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Dr. Simmons Comm 101 3-23-09 Mini-Project Communication Dialectic: A Closer look at the movie, Closer Let me begin by saying that I was blown away by the movie, Closer, because not only did it keep my attention, the storyline really intrigued me. I felt like it was a well written script and very entertaining. As far as communication studies are concerned with, I like the fact that it was greatly integrated into interpersonal relations. Relationships, which include boyfriend/girlfriend or significant others is my personal interest. I enjoy reflecting and discussing such relationships, and I also feel like I have quite a bit of experience and insight on the topic. The movie was about four strangers, Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen, who all ended up having some sort of relationship with one another that some would consider significant. I felt like the relations were significant based on how intimate the characters were with each other; on the other hand, it was not very significant because much of it was based on sexual attractions. The movie demonstrates the dialectic theory, otherwise known as couple’s identity. This theory is based on two opposing thoughts that somehow correspond, correlate, and work together. I will continue to discuss the lengths of the film based on the three components of the dialectic theory which include integration, stability & change, and expression
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mini 2 - Dr. Simmons Comm 101 3-23-09 Mini-Project...

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