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History 173 March 17, 2010 Review for Midterm (Due 3/22) Using the key terms listed on the course website, create two questions (and answers) that could potentially be in the midterm. I will collect this questions and answers at the end of the class. Your two questions should follow this format: What factors compelled migration to the Americas? (20 points) Push and Pull Factors to New France (5) Push and Pull Factors for Dutch (5) Reverend Hooker’s Call to Settle (5) Charter generation (5) For each key word, you must identify the following as applicable:
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Unformatted text preview: Who: The role of the person in the society; or the role of the people in an empire What: What does the key term refer to? List at least two substantive points. When: What is the timeframe for this key word? In terms of our course, when is it most relevant? Where: Is it happening in English America, Spanish, America or French America? Is it happening in a specific community? Northeast? Chesapeake? How does it matter? Why: How does this term help us understand the development of colonial America?...
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