Bus134B-WAC#2 - ry, WAC 2: Clearing f StudentCase^" /...

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ry, WAC 2: Clearing ^" f StudentCase / llt ,/ .Y "/l \),, The ne:ff step includes an information search where the consumer will recall prcvious products he or she usd while filtering the air. Ifhe or she was pleased with the product, the search would be over. If he or she was unhappy with the ptoduct, he or she will then conduct an internal search- The internal seach will consist of recalling cornrnercials on television, or brands that are familiar and have air filtration products- After the intemal search, the consurner will conduct . / an ex&ernal search where he or she will ask family and friends about which brmds ftey use to freshen the air. In the third step, the consumer will evaluate all of the alternatives. oolrsumer will use the multiattribute approach when deciding on which aiq Fon exmrplg the consumer will decids if fte previous air he or she use4 ftlfilledtheir desires. Did the air freshener make in their home smell free of odors? The consumer will decide between a few brands and evaluate the attributes among the,rn. For example, will the product actually filter the air in their house?
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Bus134B-WAC#2 - ry, WAC 2: Clearing f StudentCase^" /...

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