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Hey Dominique, I enjoyed reading your latest post on leadership and the role of critical thinking. I agree with you completely that a good leader is the key to success. You really brought up a good point when you mentioned that a leader must be hard working. It is there to job to get the group to cooperate and work towards the task at hand. When a group has spoken on the leader position, the leader will accept masses of responsibility. In most cases, the responsibility can be too much for one too handle, so this is where the rest of the group plays a role. The group members will begin to accept responsibility from the leader of the group. Even though I wrote about a different theory of leadership to discuss in my post, you make a very strong case for Leadership and Followership: It Takes Two to Tango, because it really does take two parties to make it work properly. A leader in some ways acts like a director, making sure everything gets done accordingly. They also direct to their peers what needs to get done.
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