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Nurs 137 Week 3 Webcast Assignment Part1: Home Visit activity Watch the 2 video clips shown in class **Complete the following : 1. Describe the steps involved in preparing for the home visit 2. In the first scenario (the Mom with children) what were some of the challenges for the nurse during the visit? 3. Describe the assessments completed by the nurse at the first visit. 4. What was the first challenge faced by the nurse in the second visit? Do you think the nurse handled the situation appropriately? Why or why not? 5. What data was collected during the second visit (eg. assessment data)? 6. What was documented following the visit? 7. Describe 2 therapeutic communication strategies used by the nurse at both visits. **This activity is to facilitate your learning of the home visiting process. If you would like my feedback on your observations,
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Unformatted text preview: type and submit a hard copy of your answers by Friday, 2/13/09—this is optional. This assignment is not graded. Part 2: Family Caseload Management Prioritization activity—10 points Read the instructions on page 16 of the syllabus Your caseload for this activity consists of the following families (by #): 18, 19, 24, and 27. Follow the instructions to complete the prioritization activity. You will find specific guidelines on pages 21-35 to assist you with determining the appropriate prioritization for the assigned cases. Students may format this assignment in a standard paragraph format (this assignment may be single spaced due to length) or may be formatted in table (column) format. Submit a hard copy to the instructor on Friday, 2/13 /09. This is a graded assignment (10 points)....
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