Difference between Business corporate and functional level strategies

Difference between Business corporate and functional level strategies

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Here is a really good link to an overview of these 3 types of strategies. .. can read it in 5 minutes and will help guide our paper. http://en.allexperts.com/q/Managing-Business-1088/2009/3/Strategic-Management-Ethics.htm Functional level = these are: 1) superior efficiency, 2) superior quality, 3) Superior Customer Responsiveness, 4) Superior Innovation: These are applied anywhere in the organization. .. we should talk about all 4 and how each company does in those 4 categories. Business level = Is the strategy the firm uses for gaining a competitive advantage these can incluse: product differentiation, target customer groups or market segments that they pursue,
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Unformatted text preview: location, distinctive competencies. . (Remember that strategy is how we implement, effect, and put into a place our business model where as a business model is how we are going to make money) Corporate level = multi-business strategy; this is the choices a business makes when expanding into new business either throughmerger and acquisition, partnership, or internal development and growth. .. The rule of thumb is if the business is not related then don't go into it with GE as the only exception to this rule. Choices here should add value or create value....
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