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129 Study guide Ispr10 - Neuroscience Dr...

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Neuroscience Dr. Chancellor-Freeland Spring 2010 Study Guide: Midterm I Tentative Midterm I will test your understanding concepts discussed since the beginning of the semester. A thoughtful response should be based on lecture notes and the assigned reading. You should complete your reading through page 164 for Tuesday’s lecture, and we’ll reevaluate this guide then. You may also find it helpful to discuss this guide with classmates. The exam will be objective with short answer. It will be worth 15% of your grade in the course. To maximize your benefit with this guide, you should answer the following conceptual questions as completely as possible. For the following, provide a short response for one answer in each category: Describe or diagram an action potential from beginning to end. Be certain to clearly label each event in the process. What is the relationship between the “Patch Clamping” technique and the Nernst Equation?
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129 Study guide Ispr10 - Neuroscience Dr...

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