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New_Global_Flows_Exercise - Anthropology 115 Emerging...

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1 Anthropology 115 Interviewer (required) ___________________ Emerging Global Cultures Interviewee ___________________ Dr. Jennifer Anderson (Only needed for practice interview) Global Flows Ethnographic Exercise This in-class exercise wil1 prepare you for a homework fieldwork assignment (an ethnographic interview) conducted with a family member or friend outlining the context of family arrival in the United States drawn from the Silicon Valley region. The exercise will integrate themes and ideas outlined in the course. The U.S. differs from many' countries in that the majority of those living within its borders have arrived relatively recently (in anthropological terms)—less than five generations ago. By some estimates, 60% of the local region is either foreign born, or is one generation removed from immigration. The movement of people from one part of the world to another is an important dimension of contemporary globalization. The following assignment is designed to help you think about where, how, and why immigration takes place, and what the consequences are for the person you are interviewing-your informant. The assignment is made up of two parts: (1) an in-class training
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