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ENGR200W_syllabus_Spring 2010 - ENGR 200W: Engineering...

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ENGR 200W: “Engineering Reports and Graduate Research” (for Engineering Graduate Students) All graduate students at SJSU (in all majors) must meet the "competency in written English" requirement. ENGR 200W meets this requirement. Syllabus for SPRING 2010 Dr. Jeanne Linsdell, Director of Technical Communication, College of Engineering [email protected] This course meets the Graduate requirement for technical writing, exposing the student to a variety of technical writing formats, as well as providing help in the beginning process of writing the Master’s Thesis or Project. For those students who have not yet selected a topic for their thesis or project, they will apply the same skills by writing a Literature Review and Introduction for a “trial project.” Required Reading : Markel, Michael (2007). Technical Communication (7, 8, or 9th edition). Beford/St.Martin’s. [For eTextbook see http://www.coursesmart.com/9780312441975] Research articles distributed by instructor. Recommended Reading : The APA Manual (5 th ed.) for documentation of class assignments and projects/theses. (The APA Manual is especially recommended for master’s students doing a thesis.) Office Hours : Tuesday 6:45 am - 7:30 am and 1:20 pm - 3:20 pm Room 485G Wednesday 7:00 - 8:00 am 408-924-3871 Thursday 6:45 am - 7:30 am All graduate students at SJSU (in all majors) must meet the "competency in written English" requirement. ENGR 200W meets this requirement. COURSE DESCRIPTION : This course, Engineering Reports and Graduate Research, will better prepare students for the writing skills that will transfer readily to their advanced professional needs. We 1
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examine different technical writing demands and research techniques, learning to always focus on purpose, scope, and audience. A key objective is to assist students to identify a significant engineering problem, review previous engineering research, analyze the problem, generate findings from the analysis, draw conclusions, and make recommendations. Research methodologies that are needed for the project/thesis and later in industry for engineering problem solving are a big part of this course. Plagiarism and copyright issues are addressed in detail, with practice in proper documentation , using the format for footnotes and references required in SJSU graduate work. The research and writing for this class do not have to be directly applied to your project/thesis, but you will want to discuss the long-term plan of your project/thesis with your graduate advisor. Sample Course Topics : Writing Topics Include Other Topics Technical Description Social Responsibility/Ethics Compare and Contrast Copyright Issues Memos Communicating in the global arena Good/Bad News Letters Lab Report Oral Presentations Technical Proposal PowerPoint Skills Progress Reports Incident Report Feasibility Report Research Methodology Topics Trip/Conference Report Methods and limits of scientific research Activity Report Science vs. pseudoscience
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ENGR200W_syllabus_Spring 2010 - ENGR 200W: Engineering...

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