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To : Brian Scudamore From: Gilbert Bagaoisan Date: 11/12/2009 CC: Professor Bennet Dear Brian Scudamore, You have created a business that simply picks up garbage to anyone that calls you.—with no hassles. I am inspired by your tenacity and courage to embark on this entrepreneurial journey and your ability to overcome many challenges and problems. Started as a side project to help him pay for school, Rubbish Boys, later rebranded to 1-800-GOT-JUNK, garnered news headlines and experienced enough growth that you decided to take it to the next level for expansion and ended up dropping out of college. However, your entrepreneurial and managerial skills were put to the test as you set the stage for hyper growth, learning from past mistakes, and making tough pivotal decisions in reaching your dream of a company larger than yourself. Scudamore: Entrepreneur vs. Manager You’re a born entrepreneur who had grandparents that owned and operated a store where he recognized the love and passion for the game of business, doing deals, and making sales. Your first entrepreneurial adventure can be seen when he created his own store selling to kids in his class, where many of them spent their allowances. Like a true entrepreneur, you were motivated in starting up Rubbish Boys as a need to pay for school tuition. However, you did not expect the business to grow big as it did. Your entrepreneurial spirit is seen by your ability to bootstrap the business by gaining free PR calling local television stations as suggested by your girlfriend. Overall you fit the profile of an entrepreneur, who is passionate enough to drop out of college to pursue what he believes in. However, you did learn a lot to learn in managing the business at the onset of the company, as seen through your inability to properly hire good employees, ultimately hurting the business as a consequence of buying out your other partner. Though you
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bus173c-rubbish-gilbert - To : Brian Scudamore From:...

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