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Anth/Bio/HS 140 – Human Sexuality Video Guide: The Education of Shelby Knox 1.  What is the teenage sex situation in Lubbock, Texas? Teen pregnancy rates? STD infection rates? 2. How does Pastor Ed describe sex to the teens he counsels? How does he represent the effectiveness  of condoms? Of abstinence?  3. What are some of the arguments you hear  against comprehensive sex education? Who is making 
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Unformatted text preview: these arguments? 4. What arguments do Shelby and the Youth Commission make in favor of comprehensive sex education? 5. What is True Love Waits? 6. What strategies does the Youth Commission use to promote comprehensive sex education? 7. Is the Youth Commission successful? 8. This video is called The Education of Shelby Knox. What does Shelby learn?...
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