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MAS 10A first essay - 2 - Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #1 What...

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Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #1 What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know Much of history has been recorded by what we consider literate societies. So how do we learn about places like Mesoamerica, where much of its history is recorded through oral traditions or ancient glyphs? A lack of written record has given historians creative license to interpret and record a great deal of Mesoamerican history. Because of this practice, a large amount of what is taught stems directly from a Eurocentric perspective. Each year Americans gather around their tables to celebrate the already delusional Thanksgiving holiday. However, the first day of this course introduced me to a Thanksgiving I never knew about. Though most people think we should be celebrating a part of the pilgrims’ great misadventure, we should really be recognizing Juan de Onate’s and his oppression of those indigenous people. This is a prime example of a Eurocentric perspective in our learning about America because it is one of the first things we learn about the settlement of the United States. The Eurocentric skewing of history starts at a young age.
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MAS 10A first essay - 2 - Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #1 What...

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