10-29-7 - Part-time job S w Shopping S Class S w F< w...

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Unformatted text preview: 10-29-2007 Part-time job S w Shopping S Class S w ( F < w EiSw H w People and things: Dog S w Cat S w Souvenir Child Rice/meal S w Picture; photograph S w Desk S w Chair S w Letter S w Bread 0 Person Places: Temple S w ( S Shrine S w ( Park Supermarket S w Department store S Bus stop Hospital Hotel0 Bookstore S w Town; city S Restaurant S w ) ) Time: Yesterday S w A little while ago0 Last week~` Y w S w This week Next week When; at the time ofS MondayS w Tuesday S WednesdayS w Thursday S w Friday S w F< U-Verbs To meet; to see0 To buyX S (0 )X S To write0 (0 )X S To take (pictures)0 To waitX S (0 ) To understandX S Verb: Non-past Past EX: Y w w Y morning) Y w 0 ~ ` Y w (0 )X S w (Person 0) w (0 ) w (0Person 0 Thing 0 ) (0 )X S w (0 ) (0 )X S w (0 ) affirmative 0 0 negative 0 X S w 0XS w 00 (I met Mary yesterday.) 0 X S (I buy a cup of coffee in coffee shop every 0 0 0X S w (I wrote a letter to Mary.) 00 0 X S (Torrmow I'll take pictures at the park.) 00 0 X S (I wait for the bus everyday at the bus stop.) S w 0X S 0 X S w F< (Last Sat., I went to coffee shop.) 0X S (I came to school yesterday.) A: Y w 0 X S w F < w Ei S w H (Mary, where did you go yesterday?) B: Y w 0X S w Y w (I went to library yesterday.) A: X S 0 0 0 X S w (what did you do in library?) Y w B: 0 0 (I studied Japanese.) A: X S w 0X S w (What did you do then?) Y ɷ w B: 0 0X S w (I went home.) A: ~Y ` w B: X S A: X S 0X S w (Where did you go this morning?) S w F < 0X S w (I went to the coffee shop.) 0 0 0 X S w (What did you do at coffee shop?) B: 0 0a S w(I drank coffee.) : Particle: "2" With Y w 0 : ` ~ Y w S w F (I'll go talk with my friend at coffee shop tomorrow.) Yw 0 Yw F<w E i S w H w (This weekend, I'll take pictures with Tanaka at the park.) ~` Y w S w 0 : Y w 0 (I ate dinner with Mary last night.) : A: ~` Y w ~` Y w B: Y w S w F< S w F (Did you have dinner yesterday night?) (Yes, I had.) (No, I didn't.) Q: 0 0 S w (0 With whom) (Whom did you eat with?) : A: 0 (By myself) S w (I ate by myself.) ( S w S w 0 S w (I ate with Jim.) Q: (What did you eat?) : : A: F < w E iS w H w Q: (Where did you eat?) : : A: (At my home.) : : ) ...
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