AAS33B 01-09 Do-Franks

AAS33B 01-09 Do-Franks - January 09, 2008 Franks America,...

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January 09, 2008 Franks America, 1900-1945 and American Democracy? Part II Agenda 1. Political Parties 2. Getting Elected 3. Group Activity Exam tomorrow is mostly history stuff: Chinese immigration, Chinese Exclusion Law, Yick Wu, Reconstruction, etc. In terms of Presidential Election Update from yesterday: Clinton and McCain won Primary in New Hampshire A lot of registered Dem. and women to vote for her McCain won because of his appeal to okay to things such as gay marriage, defense (doesn’t matter to him or NH) but cares more about the budget and things like that Idea that this is pretty close may actually make primaries as much of a difference Three kinds of Rep. Conservatives 1. Economics (Business) 2. Defense 3. Social The issue of religion came up. Usually Christian Protestant – Evangelicals (“born again”) [There are varieties, certain amounts of disunity] Evangelicals -> Evils ->Signs of sin: Abortion Divorce Family values: Man – Husband, work and Woman – Wife, home, take cares of kids Gay Marriages Dem . Social Equality Economic Look upon Government to achieve social economic change; help solve problems in terms of regulations, etc. (They look at Government more positively)
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Social issues - Feel that women should have their choice -Gay marriage is their choice Economic - Tend to believe in Demand-side economics – Prop up demands (consumption) – How? – Put more money in people’s pockets – What about
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AAS33B 01-09 Do-Franks - January 09, 2008 Franks America,...

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