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Final Essay on Global Warming - Do The Deniers Have a Case

Final Essay on Global Warming - Do The Deniers Have a Case...

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12/09/2008 Eng 100B Global Warming: Do the Deniers Have a Case? The end is near! By the year 2100 the world as we know could be no more. Rising temperature of the earth will make cities in to deserts. Ice in the northern and southern end of the earth will melt and what is known to us as earth will be consumed by endless water. A scene we ima0067ined or have seen in the movies, such as The End of the world. Would you believe that this could come true? Some scientists believe that if we do not act now to prevent this catastrophe, the world as we know it might be no more. But how much of this is real? Other scientists believe that global warming is just a myth and there is nothing to worry about. As long as there are both sides to this story, deniers of global warming have a case. In this research I would like to discus: what is global warming, what is the cause and who is causing it, what is myth and facts about global warming, and why the deniers have a strong case against global warming. First, what is global warming? According to global-greenhouse-warming.com, a non-profit organization that promote the hazards of global warming, defines that “Global warming is the observed and projected increases in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans.” In simpler terms, the earth is getting hotter than before. So what is all the fuss about? Some scientists believe that if the temperature rises the impact on earth will be fatal. In the article “No Single Way to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions,” by 1
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science journalist Mark Lynas, the author shows what could happen if the average temperature of the earth rise one degree Celsius at a time, up to six degrees Celsius. The author states that if one degree of the planet’s temperature rises, the Great Plains become blanketed by sand dunes. When the temperature rises two degrees, ocean acidity will rise and kill most of the Phytoplankton and other single celled life forms in the ocean. This will cause a chain reaction and will threaten the whole marine food chain. When the temperature rises three degrees, the Amazon rain forest becomes a desert. Forth degree, the last Alpine glaciers will disappear and become part of the ocean; at fifth degree, refugees due to fatal climate changes will be in the hundreds of millions; and finally when the planet’s average temperature rises six degrees Celsius, human civilization will collapse due to panic, fear and conflict over scarce resources. If this is ‘global warming’ and if global warming truly exists, what is the cause and who or what is causing it? According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the greenhouse effect caused by the carbon dioxide (CO 2) , is the main cause of global warming. The greenhouse effect is not a bad thing. As matter of fact, it is what keeps the Earth warm enough for humans and other living creatures to survive. This is how the greenhouse effect works. Once the heat from the Sun comes into our atmosphere, gases, such as CO 2, trap the heat. The trapped heat warms up the air keeping the whole
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