hw 1 comm 173 - Dr. Raman Comm 173 9/10/08 Homework 1:...

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Dr. Raman Comm 173 9/10/08 Homework 1: Values 1. My personal values compared to the dominant United States cultural patterns are extremely similar, because I agree with as many as twenty-two of the twenty-four values. I feel it is possible for me to experience polarized communication with an American based on the list of values. In his book Bridging Differences: Effective Intergroup Communication, William B Gudykunst states that “polarized communication occurs when individuals have ‘the inability to believe or seriously consider one’s view as wrong and the other’s opinion as truth’ (Arnett, 1986, pp.15-16)” (Gudykunst, 1). The first value I do not strongly agree with is buying things on credit based on my financial and Iranian background, because I do not feel it is ever a good idea to make purchases if one does not have money to afford it. This is a prime example of why many Americans fall into debt. I would only purchase on credit if I have a fixed income and it is among my bare- necessities. Another value which I do not agree with on the list is my will to fight for my country. If the leaders of the US want to fight in a war, then there would be some serious moral exclusion among us, because I am not concerned for their interests. No matter what the leaders’ interests are, I will always be anti-war and against all forms of violence. I feel like I have adapted this value just by being raised in the US and my educational background. I would like to classify myself as a first generation Persian-American since I was born in this country; meanwhile, my parents and older sister were born in Iran. I have constantly identified myself with the common American cultural patterns, but I also have many Iranian cultural values that were left unstated on the American statements checklist.
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hw 1 comm 173 - Dr. Raman Comm 173 9/10/08 Homework 1:...

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