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Reading Response #10, Section 73 Exhibit # 3: “Transcending the Culture Wars: Environmental History as Meta-metanarrative” by Eric Zencey 1. According to Zencey, how are culture, education, and the environment connected? How does history play a part in this relationship? 2. Zencey says, "Americans seem willing to trade away civil liberties if doing so would provide safety from whomever the government tells us is a threat." How this is similar to Dewey's views on savage vs. civilized? How is it different? 3. Do you think that America is promoting a specific image on how they want to be perceived throughout American Institutions? Can this also be prejudice, according to Deneen? 4. A main point in this article is the use of unsustainable resources; is this really “civilized”?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. According to Zancey, what can America do to help the environment? Why is history important to our efforts? Exhibit 4: “The Opening of the American Mind” by Lee C. Lee 1. With the ever increasing power of minorities, how does Lee believe the white Protestants feel about the situation? 2. Describe the melting pot theory in your own words. 3. Describe the two fallacies about the melting pot theory Lee presents. Do you agree or disagree with her theory? 4. What does Lee think a university should do in regard to incorporating cultural studies? 5. How are Lee’s views on liberal education similar to Bloom’s and Dewey’s views?...
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