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NURSING 148 COURSE READER SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY FALL 2008 INSTRUCTOR: ARLENE SPILKER [email protected] 408-666-5444 (cell) 408-927-9690 (home)
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WELCOME TO SEMESTER 8 Congratulations! You are about to embark on your final segment of the journey toward your baccalaureate degree in nursing. I will be your clinical instructor for semester 8. My name is Arlene Spilker and I will take some time at our first clinical meeting to discuss my journey through nursing thus far. Entering semester 8 does not guarantee that you will pass semester 8. Since nursing school builds on previous semesters, it is our expectation that you will continue to grow and learn. The expectations are much higher and the work is more intense. Remember, this is the semester where you begin assuming the RN role – you will need to be responsible and accountable. You will also need to be much more proactive in your communication with your preceptor and myself. This is the semester when you make the transition from being a student to being an autonomous practitioner. You are still, of course, a student and the transition will be supported by your clinical preceptor. You will work her/his schedule and her/his shift. You must complete a minimum of 120 hours which is 15 – 8 hour shifts OR 10 – 12 hour shifts (Plus your orientation day). You will also be required to attend scheduled clinical conferences. Here are a few suggestions to help you out: Read (1) the “ALL” 148 Reader (available at the print shop and on Blackboard), (2) this course reader, and (3) the assigned agency Packets. Read the objectives carefully. There are several projects and expectations that you are required to complete/meet. Follow the directions and pay attention . In some cases, I will modify some of the expectations as we go along, and the best way to deal with that is to pay attention. Be patient about getting your clinical assignment. The organizations we work with do not have us as their #1 priority. Sometimes we will be several weeks into the semester before you actually get your assignment. We have been assigned to work at GSH. If you are assigned to a preceptor who rotates their shift, you are expected to rotate as well. Communicate with me. I am very open to sharing information, providing coaching, and assisting with problem solving. I will be on campus every Friday morning and afternoon, and we can also meet by appointment. Email me, call me. I try to respond to emails ASAP, and usually will respond within 48 hours at the latest. DO NOT GET OUT OF COMMUNICATION WITH ME. If there is a crisis, let me know immediately. A crisis is something that will alter the course of your experience in semester 8. It could be a family issue, or a clinical issue, or a life issue. It is my experience that crises happen. It is how they are handled that determines the outcome for you. If you need an extension on any assignment you must contact me directly.
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nurs_148_Course_Reader_Spring_09 - NURSING 148 COURSE...

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