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Introductions Example #1: Hip-hop is a new form of music and many call it art, but some regard it as a burden to society. In “Hip-Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women ,” by Jennifer McLune, hip-hop is attacked and criticized for its content and apparent assault on black women through its lyrics and representation in the media. McLune criticizes all the negative aspects of the art, but fails to recognize the true meaning of the art. Hip- hop often gets unfairly criticized, and McLune’s essay is an example of ignorant claims and weak arguments based solely on personal opinion, not logical reasoning. Example #2: The rise of the reality television show phenomenon seems to be inescapable in the world of pop culture today. But what is the appeal of these shows that captivate viewers each week? There seems to be a give and take relationship between reality shows and their audience. In her essay, "Getting Real with Reality TV," Cynthia M. Frisby analyzes reality television and the viewers who continue to watch reality television programs. As an associate professor of advertising at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Frisby has a strong background in reality television research to help her analyze the fixation Americans have with reality television (Frisby 291). With the reality television genre becoming increasingly popular, Frisby mentions the various reasons why "viewers cannot seem to help but become involved in the captivating plotlines and day-to-day drama depicted daily on their screens" (Frisby 291). Frisby breaks down the many gratifications typical viewers receive while watching reality television and accurately describes them. Reality television can boost the self-confidence of its audience as well as inspire individuals to do their best. By conducting her own gratifications survey with her team, Frisby provides effective observations and clearly dissects the many reasons why viewers continue to follow reality television shows. Body Paragraphs Example #1: After reading Wallis’ essay, his purpose, to inform and express his feelings to the audience about how writers are losing their freedom of speech and press, is understandable. However, after examining his evidence and sources, he seems far from achieving his purpose throughout this piece of writing. When Wallis writes about how students were forbidden from publishing articles that supported same-sex marriage, his story he uses as evidence is easily arguable. Baylor University is a private Baptist institution; because it is a private school, the university is allowed to
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Introductions, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusions_2 -...

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