POLS 150-final - POLS 150 12/13/2009 Final Exam Cheney:...

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POLS 150 12/13/2009 Final Exam Cheney: Welcome to my show everybody! Let's get right down to business and talk about war, and better yet, the war on terrorism in the middle east. What do you all think about these fanatics we're up against in the middle east? Crenshaw: Well they certainly are fanatics, I would like to clear up some common misperceptions of terrorists. Most would have you think that they are these unorganized bands of crazy religious extremists that want to blow everything up. “An organization or a faction of an organization may choose terrorism because other methods are not expected to work or are considered too time- consuming, given the urgency of the situation and the government's superior resources” (Crenshaw, 518). Cheney: So you're saying they are smarter than we think they are? Crenshaw: Well in some respects yeah, “they may be wrong about the alternatives that are open to them or miscalculate the consequences of their actions, but their decisions are based on logical processes. Furthermore, organizations learn from their mistakes and from those of others, resulting in strategic continuity and progress toward the development of more efficient and sophisticated tactics” (521). Cheney: Okay, are you sure you're not a terrorist yourself Mrs. Crenshaw? Crenshaw: I'm just saying, “If there are consistent patterns in terrorist behavior, rather than random idiosyncrasies, a strategic analysis may reveal them” (524) and help the U.S fight this war on terror in a manner that might help our troops come home quicker. Cheney: Alright Martha, I understand what you are getting at, although I may disagree. I believe we're fighting the worst type of terrorism in history, these people have no fear of death, and that is scary. Chomski: Well let's back up there Dick, I believe the United States is the epitome of terror. Cheney: Is that a joke Noam, we are the strongest country on the planet, and only weaklings resort to terrorism. Chomski: No no Dick, you got it wrong. “It's a very serious analytic error to say, as is commonly done, that terrorism is the weapon of the weak. Like other means of violence, it's primarily a weapon of the strong, overwhelmingly, in fact.” (Chomski, web) Cheney: Wow! What planet are you from?
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POLS 150-final - POLS 150 12/13/2009 Final Exam Cheney:...

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