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Econ 166 J. Pogodzinski 9/9/09 Tales of San Jose All of the figures presented in the following table were taken directly from the United States Census Bureau website (www.census.govch). I have conducted my population research primarily on the city of San Jose. After extensive research, I have managed to retrieve population for all of the cities within Santa Clara County. Based on Santa Clara County as the core area, I have determined that the two counties on the northern border can be referred to the inner rings: San Mateo County and Alameda County. Inner rings are generally suburban areas that are adjacent or close to in
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Unformatted text preview: proximity to the city centers; as well as, taking into consideration typical commuting routes and patterns. I feel as though many more people travel from south to north to get to their work within San Jose. Furthermore, I have determined one of the outer rings as Marine County, since Marine County is just north of San Mateo County across the Golden Gate Bridge. The second outer ring is Contra Costa County because that is the county just north of Alameda County. If one wanted to travel north from San Jose, one would have to drive through the inner rings before getting to the outer rings....
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