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Group 1: Jacob completes the hero’s journey and therefore is a hero. Group #2: In respect to Lynne Milum’s interpretation of Campbell’s theory of the epic hero, Jacob Janowski can be considered a flawed hero in that although he faces the trials of separation, initiation, and return, he ultimately comes full circle to return to the child- like state of innocence. Group 4: As defined by the Campbellian theory, Jacob is an EPIC/ORDINARY/TRAGIC hero because he goes through the three phases of separation, initiation, and return. Group 2:According to the definition of an Epic Hero put forth by Milum, Jacob is a hero because he goes through the three stages, meets a Goddess figure and encounters a father figure. Group 5: Jacob meets all but one aspect of a hero, making him fall short of qualifing as a hero according to Lyne Milum’s step by step criteria.
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Group 1 Throughout the novel, Water for Elephants , Jacob represents an Epic Hero because he goes through separation, initiation, and return.
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