Tunnel of Oppression facilitator guidelines

Tunnel of Oppression facilitator guidelines - Dear Tunnel...

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Dear Tunnel of Oppression debriefing facilitators: Thank you for your important participation in facilitating the Tunnel of Oppression debriefings. You may be helping participants debrief individually or in groups. This is an outline of guidelines for you as a facilitator. Themes of different rooms for this year: Post-Feminism Education is a Right, Not a Privilege Transgender Experience, Gender Nonconformity Police Brutality in the Bay Area Greed and Profit Sex. War. Hunger. The Price Children Pay Your Objectives as a debrief facilitator: -- INCREASE dialogue -- prompt critical thinking -- promote activism -- somewhat decrease anxiety or anger, if these emotions are overwhelming -- not necessarily to increase comfort to the point where people are complacent -- not to silence -- not to convince anyone of a particular perspective Other thoughts to keep in mind: 1) Walk through the Tunnel yourself first! The images may be disturbing for you as well, and it is recommended that you give yourself some time and space to debrief before you act as a facilitator for others. 2) Depending on your own background and history, it is OK to not facilitate because of possible sensitivity to certain themes/topics. If you suspect that any of the above themes may be too overwhelming for you to try to facilitate a discussion, please do NOT try to be a facilitator this year. No questions will be asked. 3) After walking through the tunnel, participants may experience some emotional discomfort. Your role as a facilitator is mainly to provide a safe space for them to express their reactions, both thoughts and emotions. Thus, you need to be skillful in facilitating awareness and managing any intense anger or other reactions that participants may have. 4) It is also important that you are aware and skillful in handling various diversity issues, especially those relating to the themes for this year. 5) You are NOT there to convince the students of a specific view. (You want to encourage dialogue and not necessarily a debate.) E. J. Lin, Ph.D., Counseling Services 3/2010
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How to Facilitate Group Discussions (groups could range from 3-30 participants; allow approximately 30 minutes for debriefing): 1) As you are waiting for the debrief circle to fill, have students get into dyads around the circle and starting answering the debriefing questions (p. 5 of this handout). Another option is to bring index cards for students to write down their thoughts as you wait for others to fill the debrief group. 2) At the beginning of the group debriefing, introduce yourself and clearly designate your
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Tunnel of Oppression facilitator guidelines - Dear Tunnel...

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