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SJSU Math 12 Sections 1 and 2 1Chapter Learning Activities and Problems (LAPs) Brief Summary: These assignments will form the core of your learning experiences in this class. Either individually or in groups, you will work on readings, learning activities, and problems from the textbook. These assignments will require significant time management on your part and regular reflection on your mathematical learning and growth. The extent of your learning is entirely up to you. A minimal amount of work is expected to be turned in, but much more will be required if you desire a strong understanding of the mathematics to support your future work as a teacher. Purpose: The purpose of these assignments is to provide you with rich and varied experiences that will help you understand why the mathematics you learned in grade school makes sense, how you can communicate that understanding to other students, and how to relearn these things when you become a teacher. My hope is that these experiences will help you develop confidence in your mathematics knowledge and your learning abilities. Related Learning Outcomes: (1) use mathematical methods to solve quantitative problems, including those presented in verbal form (2) use mathematics to solve real life problems (3) arrive at conclusions based on numerical and graphical data (4) demonstrate understanding of the following mathematical content areas: problem solving, numeration, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers, and number theory. (5) demonstrate progress towards acquisition of the following mathematical processes: understand understanding,
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Chapter_LAPs - SJSU Math 12 Sections 1 and 2 1Chapter...

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