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Project I Due: Monday, October 12/13 LGBT Studies Dr. Lee For this assignment, you may write a paper, make a poster, produce a PowerPoint presentation, a video, or whatever works for you to accomplish the task below. You may work in small groups (up to three persons maximum). You must present your project in class. Your task is to explore information about LGBT persons and communities via the Internet. You should visit a variety of entertainment and social Internet sites that are produced for LGBT persons. These may include chat rooms, informational sites, adult entertainment sites, blogs, and so forth. The point of these visits will be to learn about LGBT community norms, values, lives, and experiences. The project should be focused on expressing to the class the things that you learned about LGBT persons through the sites you visited. Along the way, you must demonstrate the ways that your observations are consistent with or contradict the materials that we have been reading this semester. The project should include a critical discussion of the ways
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