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Econ 166 Pogodzinski Assignment 5 Chapter 8: Textbook and Blog Article Correlation Subsequent to reading the assigned chapters from our textbook, Urban Economics and Real Estate, and the articles posted on the course blog, I find myself making many distinctions among the information provided. Chapter 8 covers the housing in urban areas which tends to focus on topics like: housing in metropolitan areas, appraisal and the determination of housing values, owning versus renting and discrimination in mortgage lending, and includes all other housing characteristics. Meanwhile, according to a recent article, U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies Reach a Record High , David Streitfeld asserts that “The economy and the stock market may be recovering from their swoon, but more homeowners than ever are having trouble making their monthly mortgage payments.” The article made me think of how so many homeowners wounded up in such a financial mess upon owning a home. I became even more aware as to which factors led people to
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