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Engagement 1 Cultural Artifact Speech

Engagement 1 Cultural Artifact Speech - share it how has it...

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Cultural Artifact Speech: Engagement #1 Bring in an artifact that resembles your culture to share with the class. The artifact can be something from your heritage (English, Chinese, Mexican, etc…) or can be from specific culture that you participate in (sports team, club, fraternity, sorority, etc…). Be sure to tell how this object represents who you are and why it is important to you. Your speech should be around 1-2 minutes in length and you can use note cards to help you if you want. Your speech should have an introduction, a thesis statement (what you will tell us about) a couple of main points (how does this object represent you, why do you want to
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Unformatted text preview: share it, how has it impacted your life) and a conclusion. Also, turn in a key word outline of your speech on the day it is due. Point Breakdown : Outline: 5pts Object: 10 pts. Eye Contact: 5pts. Projection: 5pts. Total: 25 pts. Key Word outline: The tennis team was part of my culture growing up. I. Elementary School II. League tennis III. High school tennis team IV. Connects me to my grandfather Tennis taught me the importance of hard work, being a part of a team and that determination pays off...
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