StandardizedNormxDiagnostic - to assess student progress...

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Standardized Norm and Diagnostic Tests Standardized Norm Referenced Tests: Assess achievement across a broad curriculum. Achievement tests are designed to provide educators with a general view of the student so he/she can determine strengths and weaknesses of the student. Examples of standardized tests are: WIAT, Woodcock Johnson III. Standardized Diagnostic Tests: Assist the educator in the assessment of general areas of weakness in greater depth . These instruments aid teachers in determining the proper instructional levels of students. The use of diagnostic instruments can also assist the teacher in designing informal instruments
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Unformatted text preview: to assess student progress. Examples of diagnostic tests are: GORT, Key Math, Woodcock Reading Mastery, and Brigance Inventories. Diagnostic tests may be used to measure: 1. Mastery of specific skills 2. Strengths and weaknesses of the student that the teacher wants to monitor. 3. These instruments may also be used as eligibility tests and/or re-evaluation measurements for annual reviews. The special education teacher should select diagnostic academic tests on the following criteria: 1. Content area 2. Method of assessment (e.g. oral questions, oral reading, math paper and pencil items)...
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StandardizedNormxDiagnostic - to assess student progress...

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