195TPG - Religious Studies 195 Senior Seminar in Religious Studies TERM PROJECT GUIDELINES DATES Project Proposal due Progress Report/Rough draft

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Religious Studies 195 Christian Jochim Senior Seminar in Religious Studies Instructor TERM PROJECT GUIDELINES DATES: Project Proposal due March 24 Progress Report/Rough draft due date of your Oral Presentation Final draft due May 17 PURPOSE : In ten to fifteen pages (size 12 font) or a non-written project involving comparable work, present your analysis of a specific religious group, religious figure, historical trend, or other item related to the topic of religion and modernity in China. For example: Development of the PRC government’s religious policy Economic aspects of Chinese Buddhist revival Islamic resurgence in western China Taiwan’s Tzu-chi Buddhist Compassionate Relief Association Chinese Buddhists in America Is there an “American” Daoism? Why has Chinese Christianity grown so fast? Can the Vatican and Chinese Catholic leaders ever get along? Your analysis should develop a thesis statement in which you summarize your argument and the kind of evidence that you will present to support it.
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