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Week_14_handout_classnotes - SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY...

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SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY College of Social Work S. W. 242 Spring 2008 Edward Cohen Review for test Final Paper—Writing Your Analysis Plan Transcultural approach in research (see handout) Dummy variables Multiple regression lab I. Review for test A. Choosing Statistical Tests 1. Know when to use statistical procedures 2. Know the rules, e.g. knowing type and number of IVs, DVs 3. And for specific research scenarios 4. Test will cover these: a. Independent groups t test b. Dependent (or Paired) groups t test c. Multivariate regression (but not logistic regression) B. Hypothesis Testing--as in the first exam, you will be asked to go through the 8 steps of hypothesis testing for a given scenario 1. What is (are) IV(s)? Type of measure 2. What is DV? Type of measure 3. Identify null hypothesis 4. Identify alternate hypotheses 5. Choose statistical test and alpha 6. Interpret SPSS output 7. Justify decision to reject or not reject null hypothesis 8. Interpret results a. Statistical significance 1
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b. Direction of the relationships c. Meaning and implications of results d. Limitations/future studies II. Final Paper--Writing Your Analysis Plan Example of Proposed Analysis Section See the example Analysis Plan on p. 42-43 of the Rubin, Babbie & Lee Supplement. Your Analysis Plan (for the Final Paper) should have a table like the one on p. 43 to describe all univariate, bivariate and multivariate statistical procedures as they apply for your study. They might not all apply, although all papers (even those with qualitative-only designs) should include a plan to analyze univariate statistics of the sample. As an introduction to the table, your papers
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Week_14_handout_classnotes - SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY...

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