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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY School of Nursing MASTER'S PROJECT OPTION (Plan B) NURS 297, 3 units ( 1 UNIT SEMINAR, 2 UNITS PROJECT) COURSE DESCRIPTION Learning from graduate courses and clinical practica is integrated in this seminar. Taken over two semesters, the student develops a project proposal, implements the project, and reports the project in a scholarly, publishable paper. PREREQUISITES/COREQUITSITES: HPRF/NURS 295 NO INCOMPLETE COURSES COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the two semesters of NURS 297, the student will have: 1. implemented a project and reported it in a scholarly paper according to school guidelines and a selected journal format. The project will demonstrate the student's: 1.1 understanding of the process of developing, implementing, and evaluating a project; 1.2 ability to critique the relevant body of scholarly literature; 1.3 selection of an implementation plan appropriate to the goals of the project; 1.4 clear and systematic thinking; and 1.5 ability to present the outcomes of the project in a scholarly paper. 2. demonstrated the ability to: 2.1 communicate clearly and systematically in writing; 2.2 initiate and maintain ongoing, timely collaboration with project advisors; and 2.3 present the completed project in an oral presentation before the graduate faculty in the School of Nursing and answer questions concerning the project. Courses: N 297 Greensheet cv rev 11/00; REV 6/04; rev 6/05; rev 12/05
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POSSIBLE PROJECTS The purpose of this project is to provide a culminating, synthesis project to demonstrate the application of professional knowledge, clinical expertise, and scholarly thinking. Literature reviews in and of themselves are not appropriate projects. The project may take one of several forms, including but not limited to the following: a. implementation and evaluation of a health program, protocol, or health care innovation; b. evaluation of an existing or more complex health care program/agency; c. completion of a needs assessment and discussion of recommendations for follow up; d. planning, implementing, and reporting of an approved case study; e. development and implementation of a small research study; f. development and implementation of a survey; g. planning and completion of a historical study based on original sources; and h. development, implementation, and evaluation of a curriculum project or workshop of appropriate rigor and scope. The project is reported as a scholarly paper, submitted in manuscript form for publication in a scholarly or professional journal. The student identifies a journal to which the manuscript will be submitted. The length, content, and format of the manuscript is based on the selected journal's guidelines to authors. A 150-word abstract is prepared for the School of Nursing. The manuscript is expected to include:
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N297_Greensheet_newrev1205 - SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY...

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