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RECL 110 LEISURE and HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Spring 2004 Instructor: Ms. B.J. Grosvenor, M.S. Office: SPXC 51 Phone: 924-3006 E-mail: [email protected] OR [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays: 2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. and by appointment only COURSE DESCRIPTION The lifespan process of human/personal development is explored as the source of happiness associated with optimal leisure experience. Students learn to apply concepts from developmental and flow theory to plan, facilitate, and evaluate opportunities for the leisure state-of-mind to occur for people in every life-stage. COURSE OBJECTIVES 1.0 To learn to define and facilitate leisure, play, and recreation from a developmental perspective for all groups of people, understanding: 1.1 Leisure as an optimal developmental mental experience resulting from freely pursuing total conscious engagement. 1.2 Play as an inherent human capacity for seeking stimulation and delighting in one's self, an attitude that cannot resist the fun of exploration, challenge, and discovery of unknowns. 1.3 Recreation as a medium chosen to restore one's self and uplifts the human spirit and provides both anticipated and unanticipated beneficial outcomes. 2.0 To study the fundamental psychological, social psychological, and socio-cultural processes which define and shape human development across the lifespan from all groups of people. 3.0 To examine the multiple roles of leisure, play, and recreation across the lifespan to individuals and to learn the developmental needs to grow and change which can be met through recreation. 4.0 To develop ideas about providing interactive leisure opportunity which is based on goals for self-development through life-stage-appropriate, freely pursued, personally rewarding, and first- hand participation. 5.0 To advance in self-knowledge, in understanding of others, and toward one's own potential and responsibilities as a sensitive, educated, and articulate professional in the field recreation and parks. Advice to Students * This is a study of concepts and facts, which help professionals, create leisure opportunity in an era of rapidly advancing technology and social change. It is an upper division course and challenges students to grow in knowledge and in ability to put knowledge to use creatively. By asking questions in class, applying study and learning techniques, every student can develop the necessary knowledge to do needs-based planning, programming, leadership, and supervision. * Personal concerns or learning disabilities or problems need to be taken care of as early as possible. Students can discuss personal needs privately during my office hours.
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2 REQUIRED COURSE TEXTS 1 SUPPLEMENTARY COURSE READER Purchase both textbooks AND the Course Reader during the first week of the semester . The Bookstore returns books to publishers early for credit.
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recls_110_grosvenor - RECL 110 LEISURE and HUMAN...

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