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critical review - PART ONE There are many differences...

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PART ONE There are many differences between San Jose State University, and Santa Clara University. Many of them are obvious, such as the size of the campus, or the reputation of the education students can recieve at either school. Some differences are not so obvious, and not something most people would think of when comparing the two schools. One example is their respective theatre departments. I have been to several plays here at San Jose State University and was never impressed by what I saw; and so, I was not overly excited to see San Jose State University’s production of The Kite Runner (which happens to be one of my favorite books). I was a bit curious about Santa Clara’s production of A View from the Bridge because I have never seen or read it, and I enjoy Arthur Miller very much. After seeing both plays, I find it easy to say that my experience at Santa Clara was far more enjoyable than my experience here at San Jose State University. San Jose State University’s production of The Kite Runner did not at all live up to my standards. The Kite Runner is a very well written novel about Amir, a young man who receives a phone call that sends him deep into his past. Amir takes us with him as he recalls growing up with Hassan, the Hazara son of his father’s servant (Ali). Once the reader (or in this case, the audience) is caught up on how Amir got to where he is now, we travel with him back to Afghanistan where he learns that Hassan was really his half brother and has been killed along with his wife, leaving their son, Sohrab, an orphan. After a lot of struggling Amir is finally able to take Sohrab back to America with him where he and Soraya (Amir’s wife) begin the process of adopting and befriending Sohrab. This story is told quite nicely in Khaled Hosseini’s book, but it does not do as well on stage. I did not care for the adaptations made 1
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by the director Matthew Spangler, nor did I like his overall job with the production. One of my biggest issues with the stage version of The Kite Runner was make-up. The character of Hassan was played by a woman, a fact that I found obvious and distracting. Also Hassan had a harelip in the novel and I feel that something could have been done make-up wise to at least try to represent this. Matthew Spangler also decided to go very simple with his set, as it would be hard to re-create the many different scenes. I can understand this, but I wish that a bit more had been done. To me, the stage seemed empty and it made it a bit harder to get into. Also there were very few props used, and the majority of them seemed like failed
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critical review - PART ONE There are many differences...

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