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Homework_x6 - 3 Plot a Mohr’s circle for the following...

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CE 140 Soil Mechanics Homework Assignment #6 Assigned: 12- March Due: 19-March Problems: 1. Problem 5.19 2. Calculate and plot the total stress, pore pressure and effective stress with depth for the site shown below at points A, B, C and D (15 points). Assume the sand is completely dry above the groundwater table. What would the effective stress be at the bottom of the clay layer if the groundwater table were raised to the surface? (5 points) Remember that all the sand is now saturated.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Plot a Mohr’s circle for the following stresses on a square soil element: σ x = 100 kPa σ y = 200 kPa τ xy = 20 kPa (force is counterclockwise on the top horizontal surface of the element) Determine the following (either from the circle or from equations): a. Principal stresses b. Angle of the planes on which the principal stresses act c. Shear and normal stresses on a plane that is 37 degrees from horizontal...
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