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Astronomy XMM Satellite summary

Astronomy XMM Satellite summary - interesting to discover...

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Final Summary The XMM satellite has been an enormous asset to the scientific community. Called the XMM because it is composed of multiple mirrors that are used to capture x-rays throughout the universe. Its had problems in both the past and present but luckily none of the problems it has had have caused any permanent damage. Using these mirrors, it analyzes the x-rays captured in order to detect the strong oscillations that are emitted from a galaxy. Using the XMM satellite astronomers have been able to study things like magnetars and pulsars. They have also been able to determine the shifts and lengths of the x-rays, which can then be used to estimate how old a star may be. There were many things I found interesting abut this topic. Researching things such as magnetars and pulsars was surprisingly more entertaining than I had imagined them to be. It was also
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Unformatted text preview: interesting to discover how exactly this information is used by the scientists. Knowing this gives me an idea of how all of this data applies to the real world. I also liked learning about the various processes that happen when a satellite is being designed. This topic is definitely worth assigning again. This project was an ok project in my book. There wasn't many problems that I had and I got to learn a few interesting things about the universe. Rather than most other semester long projects in classes I actually enjoyed doing the research for this project. Another thing I liked about this project was doing the research itself, it helped me learn how to do research for other projects. By giving me practice with researching and showing me some interesting things about this universe, id say this project was a success....
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