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SJSU Writing Rubric Rubric TA 127 SJSU Writing Rubric Rubric TA 127 Rev. 1/25/10 This rubric is designed to help make clear the grading process for written assignments by identifying key elements that are expected in upper division GE courses. Your written work will be evaluated by the criteria below as the basis for specific instructor feedback to help guide your development as a writer. Your writing will not be graded point by point by these items; it will be graded for its overall quality. Excellent Competent Not Acceptable 4 3 2 1 0 Presentation 1. The purpose and focus are clear and consistent. 2. The main claim is clear, significant, and challenging. 3. Organization is purposeful, effective, and appropriate. 4. Sentence form and word choice are varied and appropriate.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Punctuation, grammar, spelling, and mechanics are appropriate. Content 6. Information and evidence are accurate, appropriate, and integrated effectively. 7. Claims and ideas are supported and elaborated. 8. Alternative perspectives are carefully considered and represented. Thinking 9. Connections between and among ideas are made. 10. Analysis/synthesis/evaluation/interpretation are effective and consistent. 11. Independent thinking is evident. 12. Creativity/originality is evident. Assignment Specific Criteria 13. Responds to all aspects of the assignment. 14. Documents evidence appropriately. 15. Considers the appropriate audience/implied reader. Grade ______ Comments Assignment: Author: Date:...
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